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FW24 - Beauty of Change

The Fall/Winter 2024 collection is a testament to the beauty and dynamism inherent in the concept of change. The creations embody the constant flow of life through designs and exquisite craftsmanship. Each piece serves as a metaphorical canvas, capturing the essence of transformation and the continuous journey towards self-discovery.

Acknowledging the impact of societal progress, Steven incorporates elements inspired by cultural shifts and societal evolution. The collection speaks to the interconnectedness between fashion and society, highlighting the designer's keen awareness of the world and its constant state of change.

 “Since I have been lecturing master’s students, I have observed the rise of soft souls. The youth is expressing its need for more meaning, emotion, and a slower and simpler world that considers them. It is the same energy that I felt during Björk’s concert last September. A pure act of nature’s force and emotions. This energy followed me while drawing and designing the collection. I want this collection to dress this soft rebellion in motion.”

Details inspired by uniforms blend with cutting-edge materials and traditional techniques. The prints and artwork have been developed using AI but the hand remains the most precious tool. Only delicate hands can achieve such detailed and refined embroidery.

The collection offers a wardrobe to share with key codes from the brand,  blurring the lines between feminine and masculine. After all, clothes have no gender, but a style to express. A refined vision aligned with the 90’s nostalgia.

With a commitment to sustainability, Steven uses Nona source fabrics materials and practices in this collection, aligning with the global movement towards responsible product development. The designs embody a harmonious relationship between fashion and the environment, acknowledging the need for positive change within the industry.

Creative Direction: Steven Passaro @stevenpassaro
Stylist and Image Consultant: 
Andrej Skok @andrejskok_
Amiel Laurent @laurent_amiel
Make-up Artist: 
Jeanne Schneider @jeanne.schneider_mua
Hair Stylist:
Michal Bielecki @michalbielecki_
Jonathan Johnson @iamjonjohnson
Models : Zihao Yana @yanavanginneken Aidan  @aidan.cruddace Herman @herman.ingerstedt
Katarzyna A. Sosnowska @katsosnowska
Sound Composition:
Johnny Paradiso @johnnyinparadise
Production: Bene Studio @bene___studio
Styling Assistant: Ruairi Horan @ruairihoran
Photography Assistants: Adeline Gauvain & Giuseppe Tirelli @_giupite
AI Video: Fan Shi