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Parisian designer, Steven Passaro graduated from the London College of Fashion with an MA in Fashion Design Technology (Menswear).

Inspired by Western and Eastern representations of the male mind and body, as well as the ever-evolving concept of self, he got his start at Christian Dior before launching his own label in 2019. His first collection, entitled 'Body Of Folds', is presented at London's Autumn/Winter Fashion Week.

The house incorporates gender-neutral codes into architectural pieces imbued with the spirit of Parisian couture, while using traditional tailoring techniques.

Inspired by the austere minimalism of Helmut Lang, he continues the poetic approach of Alexander McQueen and Dries Van Noten, and also employs pleating techniques reminiscent of Issey Miyake.

Metaphors for his sensibility, pleats, folds and superimpositions bring softness and movement, breaking with the rigid conventions of tailoring and couture, thanks to the finesse of the details and his cutting-edge 3D design techniques. A celebration of modernity, where the hand is the most precious tool.

" Fashion, the only way I've found, identified to avoid suffering. Hypersensitivity is a risk.You have to tame it, acclimatise it so that it becomes a source of pride, comfort and creativity. In a world where hypersensitivity cannot be seen and accepted. Clothing,is my tool for apprehending my survival equipment in a world in which I only know how to over-react."


For Steven Passaro, a garment of his creation is an unstructured protection.

Steven Passaro conceives his collections as the ultimate incitement to self-discovery, embracing a contemporary vision of romance and elegance. His ambition is to create timeless pieces while fostering awareness of body, mind and soul.

Clothing thus becomes a form of expression and a vehicle for raw emotions, capable of concealing and revealing. It represents a safe space for the full expression of one's personality. 

Steven Passaro offers a vision of fashion where emotional expression, technical complexity and durability converge to create garments that go beyond mere adornment, becoming an extension of personal identity and a means of interacting with the world around us.