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« The light only shines in the darkness »

As the ripple effect, difficult times are transformative. Today is the time to explore the inner psyche and find beauty within the darkness. To become aware of our duality, to enlighten the shadows of our darker side.

Passaro was born with the willing to create a conscious vestiaire for sensitive and modern men. With his design he invites you to ask yourself, how important is the time you give to yourself to empower your fragility and embrace your true nature. Through difficulties we release and through challenges we let go. The hero within can be found by undertaking a journey of enlightenment and self-discovery.

The collection features silhouettes revealing special work on precision. The notion of time is omnipresent. It pervades the whole concept of the collection, wanting to provoke once again a growth, a necessary evolution of the human being towards the outer world: his body.

The signature trench coat from the past collection Dawn of liberty, is part of the story with a new design extended from the cape’s base pattern. Technical pleated trousers made of wool flannels in three shades, handmade in the atelier in Paris with more than seventy hours of work. The element of the pleat has also been translated in different areas of the body : the neck, the core and then, the legs. A silk veil was hand worked one thread at a time to represent inner growth. The result of it is a dévoré tartan veil, our statement of savoir-faire. An embroidered velvet double breasted jacket with satin duchesse collar. The true expression of beauty conceived from pain. The grace of an immaculate silk collar emerging from the wrath of a hand stitched black paillettes abstract pandemonium, all laying on a sea of the softest black velvet British wool can provide.

The signature platform pleated calf boots’ bold shape inspires stability, core centering and grounded grip. The heel, simply suggested, is embraced with genuine leather. This collection celebrates the wisdom forged in the fires of adversity.

Photographer : Sebastien Giraud
Digital : Matias Brigidano
Styling : Sabine Groza
Hair and Make Up : Fréderic Kebbabi
Casting Director: Chouaïb Arif
Models : Youssouf Wague / Tom Gaillard