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“At the end of last season, I was frustrated as I felt like I could go deeper. I perceived something waiting to be uncovered. A new aspect, an angle of the same subject.”: Another layer

Inspired by the desire to delve deeper into the realms of self-expression and exploration, Steven embarked on a quest to uncover new aspects and angles within the fashion landscape.

"Another Layer" is an exploration of the multifaceted nature of our identities, highlighting the ever-evolving and transforming parts that compose our true selves. The collection elegantly blurs the lines between masculine and feminine, introducing tailored garments designed for a feminine body shape. By embracing and celebrating these diverse elements, STEVEN PASSARO redefines conventional notions of gender and empowers individuals to embrace their full spectrum of self-expression.

Every meticulously crafted garment tells a unique narrative, reflecting the complexity and individuality of modern-day individuals. Steven ingeniously integrates different layers and elements, allowing wearers to effortlessly transform their looks from one occasion to another, seamlessly transitioning from casual to formal, and from day to night. This collection celebrates the infinite possibilities that arise when we explore the art of layering, providing a wardrobe that shares these limitless opportunities.

As an engaged brand constantly seeking innovation and rethinking the fashion process, STEVEN PASSARO has partnered with Style3D, the 3D fashion solution from fabric digitalization to 3D fashion design and virtualization. Leveraging their technical expertise, the collection has been developed with cutting-edge virtualization technology, showcasing the four key couture looks in rendered 3D. This unique collaboration highlights the brand's commitment to pushing boundaries and showcasing the creative possibilities that emerge from a fusion of fashion and technology while improving the process of making the brand more sustainable by reducing the number of physical prototypes.

Creative Direction: Steven Passaro
Photography: Vincent Kabbara
Styling and Image Consultant: Laurent Dombrowicz
Video: Léo Chatenet
Casting Director: Svea Casting Jean-Michel Mergey
Grooming: Frédéric Kebabbi
Make-up: Corentin Chotard
Sound Designer and Composer: Sebastien Perrin