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We Feel Things They’ll Never Feel: it is from this solitary phrase spotted on the London Tube that Steven Passaro names his latest Autumn-Winter 2022-2023 collection. Intended as an ode to hypersensitivity, it is born with a deep sense of time and dreams of self expression. 

Drawing from his initial concepts, Passaro reaffirms the themes that define the identity of his signature tailoring, unfurled in a panoply of layers, folds and asymmetries. Masculinity is clearly  meant as sensitive, and is revealed on the cuff of a shirt as well as in the corner of an eye. Time - and the need for time - is worn here on the body like a protective talisman, with garments designed with patience in mind, from their optimised conception in digital pattern cutting and 3D sampling to a renewed attention to detail.

As a result of constant research and mentoring, the suit is adorned with haute couture techniques: bag pockets, hand-stitched interlining, or collars finished by hand using a herringbone stitch. The noble fabrics of tailoring are joined by denim, found in two sets of jeans, and leather, which is now worked fully on a raglan jacket. Trench coats, shirts and trousers are reinvented in beige, fir green or Prince of Wales wools, cotton and silk, contrasted by the spectacular red of a long cape.

Artificial intelligence completes this thorough craftsmanship, with technological innovation stretching to communication. Indeed, five 3D digital silhouettes are included exclusively in the collection : one will find the iconic trench coat revisited, a navy peacoat or an ascot collar shirt, completed by various trousers.

We Feel Things They’ll Never Feel is shaped as a truthful and personal message that invites us to feel, see, touch and think the garment, and to let it take us to full self-awareness. This dare prevails, as Steven Passaro’s collection unveils itself for the first time within the iconic sphere of Paris Fashion Week.

Directors : GENIAL.Pictures / Thomas Daffler / Charlie Montagut
Director of Photography : Florian Solin.
1st Assistant Camera : Charles Kapandji
Gaffer : Victor Quintard 
Production :
Producer : Flavia Cardoso Lefebvre
Production Manager : Margaux Latour
Casting Director & Styling : Sébastien Hernandez-Bertrand
Creative Direction : Khanh Brice Ngyen and Steven Passaro
Grooming : `Frédéric Kebbabi
Models : Bradley Veragten / Auguste Parent / Chris Diena
Next gen AR Rendering : - Olivier Zetlers
Decor : Et Alors Studio
Wholesale :